Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tell us what you really want

Some women prefer to be subtle in their sexuality.  A shy smile.  Eye contact.  A kiss at the door at the end of the first date.

Mr. Louboutin does not design for those women.

Christian Louboutin Sex 120

Considering most men, I really think this is the one thing they don't need spelled out for them.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Katie Likes Stationery: Lanvin

I love Lanvin; not least of all because I think Alber Elbaz is absolutely adorable.  And, as we all know, I love stationery.

But I dunno, I've always felt Lanvin's paper goods were a bit twee.  Which, granted, is fine if that's your style aesthetic.  But for me, I hate cupcakes (I also hate full sized cake); if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, well then we'd have a drought wouldn't we; I prefer Clooney to Joseph Gordon-Levitt; and I would neither ironically or sincerely wear a tiara.  It's simply not my bag.

Too Twee for Me:  JGL in GQ, Tiaras at the Louis Vuitton runway show,
Martha Stewart Chrysanthemum Cupcakes, gum drops and lemon drops

So, while the price tag of $115.00 slightly annoys me, I know quality stationery can run that high (usually because you having it engraved with your name or initials but I'm just being nitpicky), I can't imagine ever having this adorn my desk.

Plus, who sends notes in colored pencil anyway?

Point and match.

Anyway, for the more acerbic of us, Lanvin does offer a plain hardcover fabric bound notebook...

...for $90.00.  Hey, it's cheaper than Smythson!

Friday, January 27, 2012

When Not to Be Like Katie

I do certain things incredibly well, and if a person wanted to emulate these things, I'd be all for it.  I'm a superb driver; always use my blinkers!  I chop wood in the back yard like Paul Bunyan (though I'm sure I sound more like Monica Seles).  Also, there is none out there that can unjam a paper jam with the speed, dexterity, and creative language like I do.

But then other times...

Back when I was in Las Vegas, I did something I'm not proud of, something that should in fact stay in Vegas.

It started, like most bad decisions, with wine.  It's not my fault that the restaurant we went to served free house wine with your meal.  I was not expecting that!

Already a little buzzed from more than my fair share of wine, our group headed to Fremont Street to continue our drinking.  The lone gent that forgot to bring cash to the restaurant bought everyone a round to make up for it, so continue I did with a Gin and Tonic.  After that, my best friend came back with a beer for me and Mr. Tolerates Shoes.  After a bit of woefully embarrassing white girl dancing (Mr. Tolerates Shoes and the other 3 gentlemen in our party wisely sat it out, I imagine they discussed things like sports and video games, I'll never know) we all split some cabs back to the strip and ended up at Gilley's because there was no line or cover.  I do not remember how many beers I had there, but I do remember drinking "one more because no one else wants it."  Gilley's is at Treasure Island on the northern end of the strip, I was staying at the very southern end at Mandalay Bay, 2.3 miles between the two.

Thus starts Katie's stupid decision.  In order to sober up a bit, I figured it would help to walk a little ways down the strip before getting a cab from another casino.  I was wearing heels, but I figured a bit of air would do me some good and I was in the mood to walk down the strip to enjoy all the obnoxious lights (which are far less obnoxious and much more magical at my level of intoxication).

Then it became a game.  How much further can I walk?  2.3 miles isn't even that far.  I can save money, sober up and burn the alcohol calories if we just keep walking, but oh, first I want to stop in The Mirage, Excalibur, New York, New York.  Two hours later I got home, ready to saw off my feet in pain.

Don't be like Katie.  Be like Oprah.

Tieks by Gavrieli

There is no shame, NONE, in flats.

But seriously folks, remember to use your blinker.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Today's high in my neck of the woods is going to be about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  It may be kinda overcast, but hell, I'll take it.

In gratitude, today I'm happy I'm NOT visiting the Weisman Art Museum on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis where it's a bitter 16 degrees currently.

The current main building was completed by architect Frank Gehry in 1993.  Sadly, I cannot  afford Frank Gehry for Tiffany.
Only $9,250, if you're looking for a birthday present for me.

But, I do have these United Nude Lo Res Pumps that have a similar feel without completely breaking my bank.

Well, I think I will take advantage of this lovely weather and wash my dog.  A life of glamor, mine.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Is Katie Wishing She Was Now?

Some hints:
  • Temperatures will be in the 80s there this week (Fahrenheit)
  • 4th largest city in the world
  • Five of the Fortune 500 Global Companies are located here
  • You may know it as the home of Bollywood.

That's right, today I'm day dreaming about a trip to Mumbai, India.

Walking around Mumbai you may notice an amazing luxury apartment complex, the Kanchanjunga Apartments, built by famed Indian Architect, Charles Correa.

In order to take advantage of the sea breezes, buildings in Mumbai are built facing the east.  To avoid the harsh monsoon rains and the heat from the sun, residences are generally built bungalow style with a veranda built around the living areas protecting them from the weather.  Correa built into his apartments, several deep open air garden verandas, the living space inside was elevated above each veranda, and such stacking aided the building in climate control and shielded the residents from the harsh elements.  In other words, it wasn't just built to look like a game of Jenga in progress for aesthetic purposes.

Unlike the Kanchanjunga Apartments, these Prefab Platform heels from Ruthie Davis serve no greater purpose than to look awesome.

This is exactly what I'd wear while going to see the newest release from Bollywood.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can't Have Too Much of a Good Thing

It's a glorious 79 degrees Fahrenheit in Singapore today.

In Southeast Asia the Durian is known as the King of the Fruits. 

It's thorny exterior so matches the exterior of The Esplanade theatre that locals in Singapore call the theatre the Big Durian.

It's a bit rainy in Singapore today.  January is still part of the monsoon season.  I wouldn't recommend sandals or open toes, but if you're going to go see I Have a Date With Spring at the Esplanade outdoor theatre venue, perhaps these Roza pumps from Sam Edelman will fit the bill.

Be sure to take an umbrella!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

More World Travels

It's still winter and it's still rainy here at Katie Likes Shoes Central.  Instead of accepting this I will close my eyes and think of sunnier, warmer places.  Like Sydney, Australia.  As I type this, it is 72 degrees Fahrenheit in Sydney.

Of course, you cannot mention Sydney without immediately thinking of the Opera House, possibly the most recognizable building in the world.

The Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, won an international competition in 1957 with his entry for the opera house.

Naturally, you would think referencing a famous Dane would be my cue to show a shoe from Camilla Skovgaard, but HAH, you'd be wrong poindexter.

No, the beautiful curves of the Sydney Opera House reminds me of the Origami Low Boots from Alejandro Ingelmo, in fact you might remembering seeing them in black and gold before on this blog.  But, with 72 degree weather I'm going for the peep toe.

Well, back to relentlessly craving for me.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Every once in awhile, usually in winter, I am bitten by the travel bug.  I spend hours daydreaming extravagant trips I'll never be able to afford.  Right now, I'm dreaming of Kuala Lumpur.  The KL annual floral festival just started and it's 79 degrees there today.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

In 79 degree weather I could wear sandals.  In fact I could MATCH my sandals to the convention centre.

These Burak Uyan 130mm Leather Geometric Sandals were inspired by the architecture of Paris, the colors are based on butterflies the designer had shipped to him in Paris from Indonesia.  And they are the perfect antidote to the mid winter doldrums.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It takes a lot of effort to look so effortless

There are days when the mere task of getting out of bed seems insurmountable.  These are the days we break out the pants with the comfort waist, that old, oversized sweater that feels like a hug, and flats.  We may still smear on a bit of make up to hide the baggage under our eyes, hair goes into a pony tail if it's long enough, or in a headband for those that rock the shorter styles like myself.  We wear our glasses instead of fussing with contacts, and frankly, we don't care.  This isn't necessarily a style statement, but rather, armor against bad days. 

In this past fall season and going straight into resort, designers have capitalized on this idea of comfort, but not comfort for the soul's sake, but for fashion.  I must admit, the pajama style of dressing did not, and does not bother me like it bothers so many.  In fact, many of the styles I quite like and could see myself wearing (not together though, as separates).

If I were a little bit taller, and if in fact, I were a baller, I'd love to wear these Indigo City Grid Ground Print wide leg trousers from 10 Crosby Derek Lam.

Granted, I wouldn't wear them with the matching Kimono top, but I get this vibe.  I love the way the fabric moves, it's easy but still elegant.

But pajama dressing can get a little too literal.  I can't imagine rolling up to work wearing clothes that look like they should be slept in, wearing slippers, and styling my hair to have that "slept in" quality.  Do you know how much money and work that would take (the pants are $335, way more than my usual slim black pants from the Gap)?

And slippers?  Don't get me wrong, I'll wear flats.  I love loafers, ballet flats, they're fabulous.  I wouldn't wear my Homer Simpson slippers to work, and I just can't get on board with the slipper shoes.  It's not even that I don't like them!

Cole Haan Morgan Velvet Slippers

I love leopard print!

Sam Edelman Satin Crystal Stud Smoking Slipper

I love studs!

Ralph Lauren Quinly Suede-Crested Loafer

I love... okay, you got me, I love nothing about these ones.  Moving along.

Jimmy Choo Wheel Paisley Slipper
What's not to love about a paisley!

But, I'm not Hugh Hefner.  I don't have the aplomb it requires to leave my house wearing slippers.  I remember once, as a kid, my dad managed to go to the corner market wearing his slippers.  He simply forgot to change them and was just stopping by to get milk.  He said as soon as he noticed he affected a limp, so people would think he had a reason to be in slippers, rather than just being a crazy man that can't dress himself.

So for my dollar, I'd rather buy Jimmy Choo pumps that will last seasons, instead of slippers that may be wearable for 2012 resort, and then relegated to the "what were we thinking" fashion trend pile.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We owe it to that old '57 Chevrolet

So, when I heard that Prada was coming out with Car Shoes in 2012, I originally thought, "But Prada already bought the controlling shares of Car Shoe a few years ago didn't they?"

Oh Katie, you ignorant slut.  Don't be so literal, Prada fashioned shoes that LOOK like cars (and *I'm* the literal one?).

The inspiration:

The end result:

Yeah, and I'm totally the literal one.

As much as I love a good gimmick and an artistic shoe, I'm not so sure I like these.  In theory they're fabulous, in practice they're a little, well obnoxious.  That said, I do quite love the retro car prints used in the Prada ready to wear collection.

Unlike in W magazine, I would style it without the chipmunk, but Carey Mulligan makes it work.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well, that doesn't seem appropriate

Most folks wouldn't wear 5" platform stripper heels to work as a dental hygienist.  Why not?  Well, people tend to dress for occasions.  Work requires work shoes (and unless you are paid by Huggy Bear work shoes aren't likely lucite sandals) and fancy events require fancy shoes.  Right?

What is Shailene Woodley wearing to the InStyle Golden Globes after party?  Are they just shoes that don't photograph well from the back?

Oh my.  Are those Vibram FiveFingers?  Hmm, yes, yes they are.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Be Like Barbie

Man, that bitch Barbie has it all.  She's been a pilot, a doctor, a vet, a teacher, a princess, a punk rocker, a life guard, a race car driver, an astronaut, a cheerleader, a cowgirl, and she's even enlisted in each branch of the military at some point in her 53 years.

She's had a dream house and parked in her dream garage she has had her restored '57 Chevy, Corvette, a camper, and a tour bus.

Sure, her boyfriend has no genitalia, but have you seen her closet?

Babs and I aren't the same shoe size, but that doesn't mean I can't take a bit of inspiration from her signature color.

Giuseppe Zanotti has the quintessential Barbie pumps in these 110mm Patent Pink Pointy Pumps.

I adore the classic shape in the lovely Barbie Pink.

To add a bit more texture Barbie might like these croc effect patent pumps from Jimmy Choo.

The platform isn't very Barbie-like, but the color is perfect.  Maybe on those evenings Barbie needs a bit of edge.

When Barbie travels abroad a pair of pink wedges is perfect for those cobblestone streets you don't want to snap a heel on and Lanvin offers just that.

But my favorites, and the shoes that, were I Barbie, I would absolutely MUST have are the 100mm Signature Patent Pumps from Mulberry.

Le sigh.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Too Obvious Even For Me

It's no longer a secret that I moonlight as a superhero (and on occasion a super villain).

Obviously when I heard that Pierre Hardy designed a limited edition sneaker with us masked avengers in mind I was totally stoked.  But I dunno...

It may be a little too obvious.  I also don't see these striking fear into the heart of my arch nemesis, CrocMan. 

If my super power were beatboxing or break dancing then these might be perfect, but I have the rhythm of, of, of something not known for being rhythmically inclined (guilty feet?).

Any other superheroes care to chime in?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pet Peeve Time

Back in the infancy of this blog, when I was still breast feeding every post, I wrote a very dull post on a big pet peeve of mine, people passing off observations as compliments. You know what's even worse than that?  Making an observation in a disapproving tone.

Today, I had the need for Midol and dark chocolate.  I walked to the nearest grocery store and stood in line to check myself out, less I have to interact with actual people before I've tamed my menstrual monster.  A man came to be behind me in line in a motorized scooter.  I've no idea why he needed the mobility assistance, frankly, I don't care, it's not my business and I wouldn't have made much note had the following not occurred:

Stranger:  How do you wear those?
Katie:  (already in NO MOOD)  On my feet usually.
Stranger:  You know, heels are out of style right?

It's at this point that I turned around and really noticed this man.  He was nondescript, in a plain white t-shirt and sweat pants.  Nothing wrong with his attire, it's the grocery store, I've seen worse, but he was certainly not a fashionable man in a bespoke suit. 

I suppose at this point the cashier felt sorry for me as she very kindly remarked "Oh, Katie always has the nicest shoes on when she comes here."  I flashed her a smile of thanks and turned back to the self-check out kiosk to scan my dark chocolate.  This is when the man told me without any trace of irony, "You realize if you wear shoes like that you'll end up in a wheel chair."

I resisted the urge to ask him if that's why he was in a scooter, grunted, paid and left.

Jimmy Choo Abiel (not the shoes I was wearing, but so very pretty)

The exchange left me wondering though... Do you suppose it's gauche to wear heels in a wheel chair?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Black Tie Event?

Sometimes you are going to an event so ridiculously super fancy that even your shoes are required to be in black tie.

Comme des Garçons

Do these shoes make anyone else want to break out their jazz hands?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rockin' Robin

I live in the South, so it should be no surprise that I hate snow, I dislike cold temperatures, and I even get super bored of wearing boots.  I just feel like boots are all so utilitarian; sometimes a lady wants a little whimsy in her life.

I'm so bored of socks.  I'm bored of sensible shoes that will keep me warm and dry.  And it hasn't even been THAT cold.  I keep looking longingly at the warm weather clothes in my closet.  I believe it will get into the 60s today; but it's still winter and I can't really get away with the pretty light silk pink dress with the blue hibiscus print.  Clothes like that require leaves on trees, they just seem out of place with the gray skies and sad dead lawns.

It's about this time of the year that I begin hallucinating robins, those pretty, red breasted, harbingers of spring time.

So far, no robins, but I can still find some lovely robins egg blue reminders of spring.

Such as the Agnes Patent Leather Pump from Jimmy Choo.

And the turquoise BB Pumps from Manolo Blahnik.

The Yves Saint Laurent Opyum Suede Pumps.

And for the truly desperate for spring, Christian Louboutin's J-Lissimo 100 Spiked Metallic Sandals are a great way to show off a pretty pedicure on warmer days.

Of course, my favorite is the cut out pump from Camilla Skovgaard.

In the meantime, I will dream of warmer places and the day that I can go bare legged once again.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

I love a good rain.  To be fair, I prefer it in the spring and summer months; in the winter the rain chills me to the bone, makes it hard to get warm even when inside, and doesn't even have the benefit of helping green up my dormant winter lawn.  Plus every time I have to let the dogs out I get blasted in the face with a wet, winter, rainy slap.

But, even in the cold, I enjoy breaking out my favorite umbrella (a cheap Hayden Harnett for Target Pagoda Umbrella).

One of the many reasons I love rainy days!

I love the pagoda shape of this umbrella, in a sea of umbrellas the pagoda style still stands out and makes a statement, and with a little bit of google fu you can find plenty of great options.

If I needed a new umbrella I'd be mighty tempted to get this one from Bella Umbrella.

And really, it's a good thing I don't need an umbrella, because the lack of the curved handle would make it difficult for me to carry.  If I take my umbrella into work because of the threat of rain, I hook it over my arm and in addition to the umbrella I'm usually carrying a lunch bag, a coffee tumbler, a Feed 1 Water Bottle, a hand bag, and a random magazine for my lunch break.  I need to consider scaling back.  Also, I like being able to hang my umbrella on a coat rack as we don't have an umbrella stand at work.

Next up is the Fulton Pink Daisy Pink Pagoda Umbrella from Ella Umbrella.

I'm usually not one for florals, but I love that this one is slightly subtle.  If it weren't the dead of winter I'd be reminded that these showers make the flowers grow.  Instead, I'm currently reminded that these showers make my back yard a huge Woodstock caliber mud pit for my dogs to enjoy.  Thank goodness for hardwood floors.  Swiffering is so much easier than rug doctoring.

These next three styles are all from Viola Umbrella, an online retailer focusing on fashion umbrellas (and also parasols, but that's a bit too fussy for me).

This umbrella is a great neutral option for someone that doesn't want a colorful accessory.  Viola Umbrella does jazz it up a bit with colorway options, for example black and purple instead of black and white.

For the true minimalist, or for the person that just can't bring themselves to carry a bright spring-like umbrella around in January, they carry a simple gray option.

The shape is so fantastic it doesn't need any patterns or colors to distract from it's elegance.

If the pagoda doesn't do anything for you and you're too busy fighting rebel scum...
Enjoy!  No go run and find the one that loves you, so this rainy Monday doesn't get you down!