Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pet Peeve Time

Back in the infancy of this blog, when I was still breast feeding every post, I wrote a very dull post on a big pet peeve of mine, people passing off observations as compliments. You know what's even worse than that?  Making an observation in a disapproving tone.

Today, I had the need for Midol and dark chocolate.  I walked to the nearest grocery store and stood in line to check myself out, less I have to interact with actual people before I've tamed my menstrual monster.  A man came to be behind me in line in a motorized scooter.  I've no idea why he needed the mobility assistance, frankly, I don't care, it's not my business and I wouldn't have made much note had the following not occurred:

Stranger:  How do you wear those?
Katie:  (already in NO MOOD)  On my feet usually.
Stranger:  You know, heels are out of style right?

It's at this point that I turned around and really noticed this man.  He was nondescript, in a plain white t-shirt and sweat pants.  Nothing wrong with his attire, it's the grocery store, I've seen worse, but he was certainly not a fashionable man in a bespoke suit. 

I suppose at this point the cashier felt sorry for me as she very kindly remarked "Oh, Katie always has the nicest shoes on when she comes here."  I flashed her a smile of thanks and turned back to the self-check out kiosk to scan my dark chocolate.  This is when the man told me without any trace of irony, "You realize if you wear shoes like that you'll end up in a wheel chair."

I resisted the urge to ask him if that's why he was in a scooter, grunted, paid and left.

Jimmy Choo Abiel (not the shoes I was wearing, but so very pretty)

The exchange left me wondering though... Do you suppose it's gauche to wear heels in a wheel chair?

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