Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Is Katie Wishing She Was Now?

Some hints:
  • Temperatures will be in the 80s there this week (Fahrenheit)
  • 4th largest city in the world
  • Five of the Fortune 500 Global Companies are located here
  • You may know it as the home of Bollywood.

That's right, today I'm day dreaming about a trip to Mumbai, India.

Walking around Mumbai you may notice an amazing luxury apartment complex, the Kanchanjunga Apartments, built by famed Indian Architect, Charles Correa.

In order to take advantage of the sea breezes, buildings in Mumbai are built facing the east.  To avoid the harsh monsoon rains and the heat from the sun, residences are generally built bungalow style with a veranda built around the living areas protecting them from the weather.  Correa built into his apartments, several deep open air garden verandas, the living space inside was elevated above each veranda, and such stacking aided the building in climate control and shielded the residents from the harsh elements.  In other words, it wasn't just built to look like a game of Jenga in progress for aesthetic purposes.

Unlike the Kanchanjunga Apartments, these Prefab Platform heels from Ruthie Davis serve no greater purpose than to look awesome.

This is exactly what I'd wear while going to see the newest release from Bollywood.

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