Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Super Hero Moonlighting

As we all know by now, in order to finance my love of shoes I moonlight as a super hero.

The days are getting longer and it's a bit nippy in the streets of Metropolis, so I require my bad assery to be more sensible, in shoes that can be worn with wool socks over my tights.  Super heroes can get chilly toes too you know!

In early autumn, when I can still get away with ankle boots so long as they have closed toes, I prefer these Vintage Effect Boots from Maison Martin Margiella Line 22.
They're unexpected and perfect on slow crime days when I'm doing other super hero-y duties, like cutting the ceremonial ribbon at the grand re-opening of the Metropolis Library (I maintain that I did not "unnecessarily level" the building during a fight with my arch nemesis, in fact it was quite a necessary leveling to keep the people safe from the fashion crimes of Matthew Lesko).

When I was still a super hero intern, doing things like sewing appliques onto capes and making strong super hero coffee, I didn't have the funds for a lot of super-fantastic foot wear.  Thankfully, places like DSW offer some great fast fashion options.  Now, they may not last me through my super hero sequel, but these boots from Michael Antonio Baker were my perfect entry-level boots for $64.95.

I prefer the patriotic blue color, but they also come in red and black.  And for $64.95 it's worth a few evenings of eating super Ramen noodles to buy all 3.

You know, sometimes, when I'm chasing down various villains, I can't help but think my heels slow me down a bit.  I mean sure, they look cool and they match my utility belt, but sometimes when my feet hurt, I'm cranky, and I'm dangerously close to saying "let the citizens defend themselves," I know it's time to break out a pair of comfortable wedges.

Lucky for me these Patent Leather Wedge Boots from Marc Jacobs make a very effective "good guy" statement.

The off white color is a little trickier to pair with my cape, but the comfort alone is worth a little extra time staring into my super closet (oh, you'd like a super closet too, get some inspiration here).

I remember once at a Super Hero Convention I attended at the Gotham City Airport Hilton, Wonder Woman was lamenting the lack of wider width boots for her more Amazonian stature.  You would think a woman as in to fashion as Wonder Woman (I mean she even wears super accessories), would know about Duoboots, but I suppose she's been spending too much time reading SkyMall in her invisible airplane to do much online shopping.

I recommended these great Belice Boots in red and she immediately measured her calves and ordered a pair.

Now, I know I mentioned last time that on occasion I venture into the dark side of villainy.  I know it's the wrong thing to do but the economy just isn't what it used to be and the good will of the citizens I protect simply does not pay my shoe bills.  So, during those times that I need to line my pockets with more than well wishes, I wear these Ronfifi lace corset boots from Christian Louboutin.

What can I say?  When I'm good, I'm very, very good.  But when I'm bad, I'm horrid.

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