Friday, January 6, 2012

What to get the Feminist that has everything

For Christmas I assume you searched on Etsy for plenty of vulva-themed art, jewelry, pillows, pouches, etc.

But what of the high fashion feminist?  For far too long they've had nothing fashionable to take to the Vagina Monologues on V-Day.  Sure, Georgia O'Keeffe looks great on the wall, but what of the womyn who wishes to adorn herself with something of status?

Miuccia Prada has heard those pleas of her sisters.

Miu Miu Summer 2012

I hope the red "flames" aren't a metaphor for herpes, because after spending money on a Miu Miu bag who has the leftover funds to treat it with Valtrex?

Wait, what do you mean those are "leather rosettes?"

Well then, never mind.

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