Saturday, January 14, 2012

Be Like Barbie

Man, that bitch Barbie has it all.  She's been a pilot, a doctor, a vet, a teacher, a princess, a punk rocker, a life guard, a race car driver, an astronaut, a cheerleader, a cowgirl, and she's even enlisted in each branch of the military at some point in her 53 years.

She's had a dream house and parked in her dream garage she has had her restored '57 Chevy, Corvette, a camper, and a tour bus.

Sure, her boyfriend has no genitalia, but have you seen her closet?

Babs and I aren't the same shoe size, but that doesn't mean I can't take a bit of inspiration from her signature color.

Giuseppe Zanotti has the quintessential Barbie pumps in these 110mm Patent Pink Pointy Pumps.

I adore the classic shape in the lovely Barbie Pink.

To add a bit more texture Barbie might like these croc effect patent pumps from Jimmy Choo.

The platform isn't very Barbie-like, but the color is perfect.  Maybe on those evenings Barbie needs a bit of edge.

When Barbie travels abroad a pair of pink wedges is perfect for those cobblestone streets you don't want to snap a heel on and Lanvin offers just that.

But my favorites, and the shoes that, were I Barbie, I would absolutely MUST have are the 100mm Signature Patent Pumps from Mulberry.

Le sigh.

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