Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stand back! There's a Hurricane coming through!

So, the secret is out.  I have seen an episode or five of Thursday Night Smackdown.

Anywhoodle, this far inland we're just expecting a bit of rain and a few gusts of wind, nothing major.  So my personal hurricane preparedness kit for this one looks a little something like this:

Kindly ignore the dirty door frame and dog-nosed glass.  I clean it regularly, but, hey, dogs.

That would be a pair of Hunter wellies (though I had plenty of other options), a bottle of Yellow Tail Bubbles (I'm cheap when it comes to hurricane booze), Vogue, and a Hayden Harnett for Target umbrella.

To all my friends north easterly of me, I hope you brought in your lawn furniture, have plenty of bottled water and non-perishables and stay safe and dry this weekend!

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