Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shoes That Aren't Shoes

You would think, as much as I love shoes, I'd be all over anything shoe-themed.  You'd be wrong though.  For the most part, I just can't really get on board with shoes that aren't shoes.

For instance, in my jewelry box you will not find a shoe charm.  Not a cheap charm you can get on Amazon.com.

Nor a more expensive charm from Tiffany.

And not the limited edition Louboutin charm designed to raise money for cancer research.

I love Manolo Blahnik, but I'd rather his real shoes than the limited edition printed scarves he did for Liberty London.

Though, I must admit, of anything shoe related a scarf is what I'd most likely wear.  The colors are fun and I'm sure you can't really tell they're shoes when the scarf is folded.

I will not smell like Anna Dello Russo just because her perfume comes in a golden shoe bottle.

And, having never actually smelled Anna Dello Russo at all, I'm not sure I'd like "The Scent of Anna Dello Russo."  I know the Scent of Katie is probably a mixture of sweat, Robert Piguet, and that Sundried Tomato Yogurt Cheese I love so much, not something any woman would want to keep on their perfume vanity trays.

And I'm sorry, I'll pay good money for a pair of shoes for my feet but $500 for champagne that comes with a limited edition Louboutin decanter?  No thanks, that $500 can stay in my shoe fund. 

I must admit though, I do find something appealing about the Louis Vuitton silk embroidered dress (specifically the one on the far right).  But still, not something I'd wear (the shoes are fabulous though).

Let's see the one on the right a bit closer shall we?

Perhaps it's just the black on black pattern I like...  Those shoes are still calling to me though.

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