Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Katie Likes Capes

So Rachel Zoe's collection at Bergdorf Goodman has hit.

Of course I fell in love with the $695.00 Wrap Collar Cape.  A bit out of reach in the current economy.

But that doesn't mean I can't look at it and dream!

In Rachel Zoe speak:  I die.
I mean really though, every Super Hero needs a cape.  So it's completely justifiable as a business expense, right?  Just save the receipt and be sure to mark "super hero" on my tax return.

I wonder if I can also expense tights and underoos?  Are there any tax consultants out there that can clarify?

What's my super hero power?  Pffffttttttt, I'm not telling you that, that's Super Hero 101 "Need To Know."  You learn all sorts of fun shit in that class such as "How to Keep Your Significant Other None-the-Wiser" and "Sometimes It's Best to Date Clueless Idiots."  Also I learned "You Still Have to Tell HR Block" and "Don't Keep Shit From the Feds (unless you want to end up in Super Hero lock up)."

Super Hero 201 is of course "Need a Cape."

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