Sunday, August 28, 2011

Then and Now: Tokio Kumagai

Before Lady Gaga had her Franc Fernandez meat shoes,

Tokio Kumagai created a "Shoes to Eat" series in 1984.

Unlike Gaga's outfit, Kumagai did not use real meat, but rather resins (the same resins used to make fake/plastic food) to create his shoes.

Before there were mouse shoes from Marc by Marc Jacobs,

Kumagai had his mouse flats.

I hope this trend continues and a designer recreates his sundae shoe.

Kumagai attended Bunka Fashion College before working in Paris for Castlebajac and then for one of my favorites, Cerruti, in Italy.  He opened his own boutique in 1981.  Though known mostly for his quirky shoes, Kumagai also designed many elegantly simple pumps.

Sadly, he died only 7 years after opening his store at the age of 40 from liver cancer.  But his shoes live on to inspire.

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