Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Think You're Awesome Too!

Well, it's the annual John Fluevog Thinks Your Awesome Sale.  This coincides with the annual, "Katie is actually jealous of men's shoes" melancholy.

Oh sure, Fluevog has some great shoes available for women.  The Mollie Johnson in brown and pink are marked down.

As are the Pearl Hart in gray and blue.

I just don't see myself wearing either pair.  I do however love these men's Dasher Darts in blue denim.

Even if I do think the mismatched laces are trying a bit too hard to be cool.

My favorite though are the men's Radios ABC in sky wash.

They strike me as a slightly more whimsical version of Tod's Gommino Loafers.  You know, a Canadian moment instead of an Italian one.

Oh well, a penny saved is a penny earned.  Besides, I'm still holding out hope for the women's line for Florsheim by Duckie Brown

See anything you like on sale?

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