Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What to Wear: Out of This World Edition

Earlier this month we discussed our best options for footwear after the Apocalypse.  However, if, like me, you are banking on being included on the spaceship with Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, and my favorite, Michio Kaku (he’s so enthusiastically happy about science it’d be impossible to be in a bad mood trapped on a spaceship with him), then you’ll need to start packing.

Now, I know you’re thinking, Katie, you make wedding invitations, Hawking is one of the foremost authorities on theoretical physics, Greene is known for his enormous contributions to string theory, and, speaking of string theory, Kaku co-founded string-field theory, and you Katie, bless your little heart, you design wedding invitations.

Well, yes, you have a point.  But really, what are all these scientists going to do, just sit around and discuss their Mensa membership.  They’ll need someone to provide the comic relief.  Like Pinky had the Brain, like Sherrif Andy had Deputy Fife, like Ren had Stimpy, like Zach Morris had Samuel "Screech" Powers.

I'm totally Screech!

Now, just because I’ll be in outer space is NO excuse to not rock awesome, out-of-this-world footwear.

I know that the obvious choice is the flat pack Moon Shoe that United Nude designed for Spanish performance artist Alicia Frami’s “Moon Life” project.

Some assembly required.  I hope they include an Allen Wrench.

But, considering this shoe is really an art installation there will be the issue of coming by it honestly.

So I’ve decided to try for something available for purchase and probably a bit more comfortable.

My first choice is this white wedge boot from Finsk

These look suitably space aged and as though they’d keep my tootsies warm during the ascent.

Another absolutely fantastic option is the Chelsea boot from Alejandro Ingelmo

They would look so awesome with a silver Lycra space jumpsuit tucked into them.  I’d accessorize with a kickass belt.

For cold space walks when they send me out into space to fix the ship’s hull with bobby pins and double sided fashion tape (always prepared), Opening Ceremony’s Quilted Boot is perfect.

I wouldn’t have to worry about the coldness of space as each foot would be snugly wrapped in its own individual quilt.

I don’t know if life exists on another planet, but I always feel as though I should be prepared for a party.  That’s where Walter Steiger comes into play.

These curved heel pumps are suitably sexy and still a bit futuristic and space age.

Finally, every woman in space or on terra firma needs a pair of comfortable flats.  These Melissa x Zaha Hadid flats are perfect for the job.

I can’t help but think that if Flash Gordon were a woman he’d totally wear these shoes.

So, will you be joining me on the spaceship and if so, what will you be packing in your shoe bag?

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