Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Weekend Kicks

Yesterday, we talked about weekend shoes and sadly, because of weather and work I decided to wear heels.  But today I finally got around to some comfy weekend kicks!

I wore a pair of Tod's driving shoes.

The best light I could find was in my bathroom.  Don't judge me!
So, as I was so kind as to stereotype all the other weekend shoes, I suppose I must do the same for my own.  If I am to believe the advertisements (and I always do), the natural place to find Tod's would be pressing on the gas pedal of a Ferrari while zipping down the A1 Superstrada toward Rome, then getting out of the car in one of the lots to go shopping on Via Frattina before meeting friends at a lovely cafe.

What was my Italian moment you ask?  Well, I drove my good old black sedan to Avis to drop off a car rental.  This excitement was followed by braving the tax free holiday at the mall for lunch and a swim suit, then Super Target for groceries, and, finally, taking the dog to the vet (yay Sunday hours).  I did have spaghetti for dinner though while watching Shark Week.  That's sort of an Italian moment!

I'm so glamorous.

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