Friday, August 19, 2011

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N' Roll

First, Donny Osmond is about as rock and roll as a cucumber sandwich with the crusts carefully cut off. That is to say he's not rock at all. Keep up with me people.

Can you be a Mormon rocker; is it even allowed?

No, Randy Bachman does not count.

"We found some things that couldn't be reconciled...Religion is a bunch of rules, a fear factor."
~Randy Bachman, 2008 Interview, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Maybe I'll give you Brandon Flowers.  Maybe.  All I'm saying is even if Mormons can be hardcore rockers, Donny Osmond is NOT one of them.

Did I have a point?

I like that peaceful easy feeling of a laid back country song.

Cobra Society Hand-Woven Wool and Brushed-Leather Boots are a little bit of country too.

So are these Roberto Cavalli Leather Applique Cowboy Boots.

They're a bit of Memphis and Nashville.

And this pair of Burberry Buckle-Detailed Leather Knee Boots are a little bit full grown woman...

...but not at all a little bit of a child (sorry Marie).

Now, when I sing my rock 'n roll, I can sing it all night long.  Preferably while wearing the Burberry Explorer Leather Biker Boots.

I go out on Saturday night for a little bit of rock and roll.

And wear Chloe Biker Leather Boots to intimidate all the other rockers.

And naturally the Marc by Marc Jacobs Buckled Leather Ankle Boots have a bit of Motown in their sole (see what I did there?).

What about you?  Are you a little bit country?  Are you a little bit rock and roll?

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