Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, White, and Shoe: Jack Rogers

Happy Independence Day!  Today wraps up my four day tribute to American shoes in honor of the Fourth of July weekend.

If you live in the South like I do, you’ll notice that when the thermostat begins to make it’s treacherous trip upwards to the 90s every lady breaks out her Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals.

Since the Palm Beach shoe company first put it into production in the 1960s, the Navajo Sandals have been hand-made by cobblers in Florida.

The Original Palm Beach Navajo Sandal in Bone

I do not own a pair of these sandals.  Maybe I’m missing out, all I know is I hate the feeling of the thong between my toes.  I always end up bleeding and crying to anyone who will listen about how I hate flip flops and how the inventor of the thong sandal needs to burn in hell.  But I can admit that I am probably the exception to the rule because women all over the country seem drawn to the ease and comfort of the Navajo sandal.

I’m sure much of the love affair with Jack Rogers was influenced by Jackie Kennedy Onassis who was often seen sporting her Jacks while on vacation on the Cape.

Jackie wearing her Navajo Jacks
I suppose if I were a first lady and had to stuff my feet into boring, sensible shoes all day, every day, I too might like the opportunity that thong sandals provide to let my toes breath.

Luckily for folks like myself who are fussy picky, Jack Rogers does offer sandals that aren’t in the thong style.  The Capri Sandals give the wearer the look and feel of the Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals without the bleeding toes at the end of the day.

Capri Sandals
The line has expanded beyond just the traditional Navajo flat to include wedges and espadrilles.

Palm Beach Mid Wedge
Marbella Espadrille Wedge

So, there we have it, fabulous shoes from the good old U-S-A.  Who knew we Americans could be so chic?  (Um, I did!)

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