Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Katie Likes Resort 2012

While we wait for the outcome of Christian Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent, let’s look at some less controversial shoes that aren’t yet available for purchase shall we?

Here are a pair of gorgeous Jason Wu  heeled loafers that fit the menswear trend perfectly. 

Also following the menswear style are these cut out spectator pumps from Emilio Pucci

They would also be perfect for a wizard sorted into Hufflepuff (now I find them!).

A little bit more on the feminine side are these Alexander Wang pumps.

Don’t you just love the contrast of the white against the blue?  I’m usually not fond of Alexander Wang’s shoes (just not my bag) but these speak to me.

Speaking of feminine I absolutely adore these pumps from Stella McCartney.

The mixing of patterns is so current but the shape is classic and lovely.  My favorite part is the subtle pop of orange.

And perhaps my favorite, a pair of plastic YSL peep-toe sandals.  What is it with me and plastic shoes anyway?  I mean they hardly seem practical and I, of course, wouldn’t be caught dead in crocs, yet Melissa Shoes and now YSL in plastic gets my heart all aflutter.  Odd  (not even).

The taupe color really seems to work in the plastic.  It's like a real life Barbie shoe.

So there we have it, the shoes I cannot wait to see in the stores.   What are you most looking forward to when Resort hits the shelves?

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