Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HORSES! Strike that, Kron by KronKron

Kron by KronKron are incredible shoes from the Reykjavik store Kronkron's owners Hugrún Árnadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson.  Árnadóttir, a fashion designer and Þorsteinsson, a hairstylist opened KronKron in 2004 and the Kron by KronKron shoe brand was born in 2008.

The shoes are known for their whimsical designs and bright colors.

Imagine my delight in opening an email from Anthropologie and seeing Kron by KronKron for sale thus making trips to Iceland unnecessary to make shoe purchases (but who doesn’t want to go visit Björk’s homeland anyway?).  Plus Iceland has awesome ponies.  That’s right.  PONIES PEOPLE!  (Okay, actually they’re small horses, but whatever.  PONIES.)

You know you want to pet the ponies!
I suppose you could also order the shoes from KronKron’s online retail site or from the UK internet retailer, ASOS,  but let’s get real people, neither of those experiences come with ponies.

If however, like me, you like to try before you buy and you don’t have any plans to travel to Iceland in the near future, check out these beauties that you can buy at your local Anthropologie.

The colors make me melt into a Rainbow Brite puddle of nostalgia.

Ponies not included.

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