Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Which Lisa Loeb Ruined My Life

Let's get the disclaimer out of the way.  I am prone to hyperbole.  However, in 1994 Lisa Loeb had the hit single "Stay (I Missed You)."  A very radio friendly song and I admit it, I sorta like it; it's catchy.  That said, dammit Lisa Loeb!

See, since I was 3, I have worn corrective lenses.  Furthermore I wore BIFOCALS which meant I didn't have the option of contacts.  I no longer require the bifocals (yay) so I usually wear contacts.  I have nothing against my bespectacled brethren, but I have very light sensitive eyes and I prefer to be glasses free so I can put a big pair of shades on whenever light is hinting about outside.

Anyway, Lisa Loeb had those black rimmed cat-eye glasses that everyone thought was so chic.  The problem is, NOT everyone looks chic in such glasses.

Certainly 13 year old, 8th grader, Katie with the cystic acne did not look adorably quirky in the black rimmed trend.  So I stayed in my understated wire-framed glasses which were immediately relegated to the "uncool."

But, good news everybody, according to the Washington Post the hipster glasses trend may be over.

And Tina Fey, don't think I'm not also mad at you.

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