Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What in the name of Sir Isaac H. Newton happened here?

Like all children of the 80s, my nostalgia runs deep.  My generation had the best movies, the best cartoons, and the best promotional giveaways.  Why wouldn't fashion look for inspiration in my childhood.

It looks like Brian Atwood took direct 80s inspiration with these Alima Neon Patent Leather Pumps.

In fact, they remind of being 8 years old, at Pizza Hut, Huey Lewis and the News playing on the jukebox (quarters begged from parents), with my two best friends getting our free personal pan pizzas for being such voracious readers.

Good luck getting that one out of your head darlin'!

Anyway, I remember two Pizza Hut movie giveaways that threw me into a tizzy as a child, the plastic Land Before Time puppets (that bastard Don Bluth always made me cry at his movies) and the Solar Shades to promote Back to the Future II.

Can we get a side by side comparison?

That's the power of love.

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