Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rainy Day Motorcycle Gang

My motorcycle gang, The Hell's Belles, does not ride on rainy days.

Humidity + Helmet = Insanely Bad Hair.  I'm truly a math genius, y'all.

If we did ride in the rain, however, I imagine we'd all love these Wellington boots from Valentino.

The motorcycle shaped boot in black speaks to the Hell raiser in us and the twee bow speaks to the lady.  This is truly the only boot appropriate for a Hell's Belle to wear on her Chopper on the way to discuss The Help at her monthly book club meeting.  

Don't forget, it's your turn to bring the deviled eggs.  And of course you'll use the lovely Blue Ridge Rooster Deviled Egg Plate that belonged to your grandmother and NOT a Tupperware platter like Mary did at the last meeting.  Bless her heart.

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