Friday, June 24, 2011

The Reluctant Southerner Enters Her Third Decade

Typically, I am about as badass as a baby chimpanzee cuddling a kitten.  And I mean a sweet chimpanzee, not one of those rabid zombie chimpanzees from the movie 28 Days Later (not to be confused with Sandra Bullock playing a rabid drunk in 28 Days). 

I’m a reluctant Southerner.  If you look at a map and then fold it in half, Maryland is ABOVE the fold.  As such I consider myself a mid-atlantic-er.  But now that I live in North Carolina it’s time I call a (kate) spade a spade and admit defeat. 

Anyway, where was I?  I think I had a point.  Ah yes.  I hit 30 this year and with it I was going to become one of those women who accept the aging process and I was going to learn how to gracefully style myself in an adult conservative southern way.  My only whimsy would be garish Lily Pulitizer pinks and greens worn on the weekend with a cardigan thrown over my shoulders to protect myself from the chilly 90 degree humid weather.  This was going to be my fate.

And then I bought red jeans.

Red jeans with Camilla Skovgaard Patterned Saw Pumps via Instagram.

Fuck 30.  I wore my red man-eating jeans unabashedly.  I didn’t do anything of interest in them.  I went to work.  I went to a jewelry party.  I ate a liverwurst sandwich while reading Elle outside of a local deli.  But I did it with (metaphorical) balls. 

Lily will have to wait.  Forty is a short ten years away.  Maybe by then my style will have mellowed to Palm Springs casual.

These, however, these I see in my new badass, chimp cuddling kitten-free, future:

Camilla Skovgaard Spear Stiletto Mules

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