Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back After a Long Absence

So, I've not really been in much of a holiday spirit, or even in spirits to care about shoes.  Shocking, I know.

In November we had to make the decision to help our smaller dog, Bonsai, die with diginity and love.

Getting the side eye from Bonsai before a morning run.

You can skip this post, there are no shoes, it's just for me.  We'll be back to regularly scheduled shoes shortly.

One early Saturday morning, around 2:30 or 3:00 a.m., Bonsai managed to make it past the baby gate I keep at the bottom of the stairs.  I try to keep the dogs confined to the first floor, on the occasions they come up stairs they're always supervised.  It's an effort to keep our new carpets accident free.

I heard the jingles of her dog tags, her rabies tag, the tag with her microchip number on it, and the tag that reads "Reward/ Bonsai" and our phone number outside my bedroom door. 

I opened the door and Bonsai came in and immediately curled up on the dog bed that was up there.  I got on the floor with her and for a good hour or so both myself and Mr. LikesShoes gave her tons of attention and affection.  She was breathing hard.  As soon as the sun came up we threw on some clothes and took her to our local vet.  We had considered driving out to the University where she had been receiving her radiation and chemotherapy treatment, but we really wanted her seen quickly, and our regular vet is just down the road.

She had a very high fever.  Her heart and lungs were working overtime.  The vet called to get her original xrays of her tumor and took some comparative films.  We had 45 extra minutes of snuggles in the vet's office while waiting for her original xrays to arrive; 45 minutes I will forever be grateful to have had with her.  Her tumor had grown, not shrunk.  Bonsai wouldn't lift her head on her own, her tail wouldn't wag, and we made the most miserable decision we've ever had to make.  We made a little bed for her with Mr. LikesShoes Columbia Fleece jacket.  Marie, my favorite vet tech came in to say goodbye and to open up the shades so Bonsai could see outside.  We held her as she left us.

On the drive home we passed a man selling Bonsai trees on the corner of the road.  It made me smile.  Like the universe was saying goodbye.

Our younger, bigger dog, Murray, didn't seem to notice her absence for a very long time.  It made me sad, and I hate to say, it also made me mad at him.  He just didn't seem to realize how much she mattered.  But as more days passed and Bonsai didn't come home from the vet Murray got depressed.  He didn't play, he just napped and ate.

Bonsai and Murray, reluctant BFFs.

I didn't want to post about shoes.  I didn't want to have to update my biography which still mentions two dogs that know better than to chew my shoes.  But, even though I was fully prepared to hibernate until February, I still had to work, I had to take care of my remaining dog, and little by little life got normal, if not a little sadder.

Sad Murray

 To help Murray heal, we adopted him a puppy we call Moxie.

Moxie, in a boxie.
Murray is playing again, and we're laughing again.  Moxie has a small paw print shaped spot on her left front leg.  I call it Bonsai's seal of approval.

She chews shoes.

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